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Detroit Bike’s mission is to make the bike owning experience as fun and enjoyable as possible for the lifecycle of ownership.

If you are looking for a quality bike with an American-made frame, you’ve come to the right place. The frames are welded right in Detroit are crafted from Chromoly steel; a steel alloy that is so strong that tubing can be made thinner and lighter. This creates a lively and durable machine that is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Detroit Bikes promote the revival of urban cycling as new bike lanes appear in cities looking to increase mobility options. The urban bikes are built simply and reliably tools with understated flare and sensibility, and they look to collaborate and grow with those who share their passion for riding city streets everywhere.

There is a factory in Detroit that produces their signature US Chromoly bikes using high-quality American Chromoly steel. They do complete assembly and wheel building on their US Assembly bikes, and offer OEM manufacturing and high volume bicycle assembly services to a variety of customers. 

The 50,000 square-foot factory is capable of producing up to 150 bikes per day and assembling up to 400 bikes per day. 

Price: $449$5500

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