Best Overall: Gazelle Medeo T10+

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This bike has so many highlights, it’s hard to know where to start. Capable and powerful—even when climbing steep hills or carrying heavy loads—Gazelle’s Medeo T10 was my top choice for running errands, casual exercise, and weekend adventures.

With its durable, relatively light aluminum frame and a suspension fork paired with wide-ish two-inch tires, the Medeo served up a smooth ride with predictable handling. The bike is spec’d with high-quality parts, including a mid-drive Bosch motor and a crisp-shifting 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain, which gave me confidence when tackling longer trips. Range was never an issue during my testing: A 15-mile jaunt through Vermont’s rolling hills used up less than half the battery, and a flatter ride of comparable length used even less. The bike’s motor and gearing handled climbs without issue. On the flats, I could quickly accelerate to the bike’s 28 mph top speed (the Medeo is a Class 3 e-bike).

This sporty commuter bike has four pedal-assist modes—I mainly toggled between sport and turbo. The Medeo’s confidence-inspiring ride and standard accessories make it a notable value buy. The bike comes with a rack that has sturdy bungees for strapping down gear or a briefcase, and the built-in lights (front and rear) came in handy when I stayed out longer than anticipated. In addition, it’s equipped with fenders, and a locking bar slides through the rear wheel to deter theft—though you’ll need to purchase a U-lock if you plan to park this bike outside. Need one e-bike for work and pleasure riding? This is it.

Power: 500-watt motor, 500 watt-hour battery

Weight: 50.9 lbs

Claimed Range: Up to 55 miles

Highly versatileNarrow handlebar
Includes lights, fenders, and a cargo rackA longer rack would be better for cargo

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